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Learning to fly a Paramotor is an exciting, fun and life-changing activity. One we believe that anyone should be able to experience.

The Professional Association of Powered Paraglider Instructors, Inc. (PAPPI) is a voluntary 501c3 non-profit membership organization comprised of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals, schools, and manufacturers who enjoy and support the sport of Powered Paragliding.

PAPPI's Mission is five-fold:

  • to promote safe Parmotoring through training, certification, and instructor qualification programs
  • to protect the rights and freedoms of Paramotor pilots worldwide to self-govern and self-regulate
  • to ensure Paramotoring's rightful place on airports and within the international airspace system
  • to promote Paramotoring competition, record-setting, awards, and advocacy programs
  • to help expand the Paramotoring market by supporting instructors, schools, and manufacturers

Purpose: PAPPI exists to develop programs that encourage and fulfill the public interest in our sport.

Vision: PAPI intends to be the world leader in the educational development of Paramotor professionals and enthusiasts.

Slogan: The Freedom of Personal Flight

PAPPI strives to be the world’s most respected and successful organization in recreational powered paragliding, and is fully committed to product and service excellence, the professional growth and security of PAPPI Members and employees, healthy competition and partnership within the PPG industry, and to providing training and opportunity for all who seek to enjoy and safely fly in airspace.

How is PAPPI Different?

Education: The PAPPI System of Powered Paragliding education is the most instructionally solid system in the world. PAPPI courses are designed to make learning enjoyable and worthwhile. Under the guidance of your professional PAPPI Instructor, you'll gain confidence while mastering important safety concepts and skills. PAPPI Instructors are trained and held to the highest standards, backed up by a solid, proactive quality management system.

Performance-Based: Our educational programs are designed to help you progress at a pace that is most comfortable for you as you learn to demonstrate mastery of specific performance requirements that are essential to becoming a safe and competent Paramotor pilot. You must earn your PAPPI certification to fall under our programs, but you do so in an encouraging and well-supported learning environment geared towards your success.

Educational Materials: Our credentialed educators use state-of-the-art technology and learning theories to create PAPPI materials designed to help make learning fun. Independent study materials, available in a variety of media and traditional media (books, online courses, videos, etc) allow you to learn in the way that works best for you.

Educational Standards: All PAPPI programs, from beginner Paramotor pilot through to Flight Instructor training, fall under strict educational standards monitored for consistency and quality. PAPPI takes a proactive approach to quality management and randomly surveys PAPPI members to confirm their courses meet PAPPI's high standards, as well as, student expectations. No other Paramotor training organization works to maintain this level of professional reliability and integrity.

Continuing Pilot Education: Part of the fun and enjoyment of being a confident Paramotor pilot is fueled by continuing to improve your skills. Each PAPPI course builds on the previous one, teaching you skills and techniques when you’re ready to learn them. PAPPI specialty courses let you explore specific flying interests, while our Rescue Pilot and Flight Master courses are innovative industry firsts. PAPPI's professional-level courses let you take your flying interests to new heights. 

International Organization for Standardization (ISO): PAPPI is the first Paramotoring organization to actively seek out and work towards developing ISO standards for Recreational Powered Paragliding. We have developed a comprehensive framework that relates to five distinct pilot levels and two instructor levels. Each of these standards directly equates to an established PAPPI member level and corresponding training course. Our goal, while lofty, is to establish internationally recognized standards that serves to help keep the industry free, independent, and unencumbered by unnecessary or intrusive government oversight.

Credential Standards: Pilots who carry PAPPI credentials are among the most educated and well-trained Paramotoring enthusiasts on the planet. Part of our on-going mission is to build the most respected and sought after Paramotoring organization in the world, that issues piloting credentials through private instructors and PAPPI Affiliated Flight Centers, so that no matter where you choose to fly, your PAPPI certification card will be recognized and accepted.