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Learning to fly a Paramotor is an exciting, fun and life-changing activity. One we believe that anyone should be able to experience.

The Professional Association of Powered Paraglider Instructors, Inc. (PAPPI) is a voluntary 501c3 non-profit membership organization comprised of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals, schools, and manufacturers who enjoy and support the sport of Powered Paragliding. PAPPI's mission is five-fold:

  • to promote safe Parmotoring through training, certification, and instructor qualification programs
  • to protect the rights and freedoms of Paramotor pilots worldwide to self-govern and self-regulate
  • to ensure Paramotoring's rightful place on airports and within the international airspace system
  • to promote Paramotoring competition, record-setting, awards, and advocacy programs
  • to help expand the Paramotoring market by supporting instructors, schools, and manufacturers

If you believe in our mission and want to contribute to the growth, direction, and success of the industry—get in touch with us today to find out how you can become a corporate sponsor.

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